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Short Stories

“Marbling” in Dark Horses: The Magazine of Weird Fiction No. 25; Hobb’s End Press, February 2024

“Swing Back” in Come October: An Anthology of Autumnal Horror; Chthonic Matter, October 2023

“Lampyridae” & “Lobatus Gigas” in The River March 2022

“A Long, Low Chatter” in Pulp Modern Issue 5 Summer 2013 (Out of print, PDF: A Long Low Chatter)

“Vistas: Two Very Short Stories”  in Etchings Volume 25 Spring 2013

“Campfire” in Etchings Volume 23 Spring 2011


“Incompatible with Life” in BULL: Men’s Fiction October 2019


“The Theory of Almost Everything by Salvatore Pane” in Necessary Fiction January 2019


“A Conversation with Kaui Hart Hemmings” in Booth: A Journal January 2015